Is it not always? The realization of thought long past. I am too forgetful! It is my forgetfulness which prevents my progression of self, for how can one progress if they restart the game every time they play it?

Time and time again I find myself reflecting on thoughts written down ages ago and they are the answer to my suffering, my self inflicted anguish solved with simple reminiscence, aided by an old notebook or a blog. This tells me that this is no riddle, it is nothing which needs deciphering because I solved the puzzle when I was first given it.

It is a fault of self.. the continual self decadence and indulging in decadent behavior with those around me (The mask which is put up is one of pleasure but ignorance is bliss remember). It's parasitic this force which spreads like wildfire. To leave an impression on someone one needs to do nothing but be sensed. That impression will be decided on what that person was doing and the mind of the observer.

A group of people sitting around in self decadence helps nothing but such grow, taking in those under its wing who are unable to see it for truly is or who feel as if though they haven't any other option because of what the world has given them hitherto.

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FLC Today,

2008-09-19 21:28:56 by Seanjay

Five Cases Of A Tragedy is playing at The First Lutherans Church tonight, couldn't see them due to previous engagements but I extend my full support to this band. gedy